CES Partners, Ltd. Executive Search Consultants

The Fit That Lasts

CES Partners, Ltd. is a top tier executive search firm that specializes in healthcare and senior living recruitment.  For the organizations we serve, finding leaders that can step in, contribute, and grow is key to their vitality.  As executive recruiters we consider all aspects of the position and the person, to be sure we make this result a reality.

We call it “The Fit That Lasts.”

It’s not an accident, a roll of the dice, luck, or even just hard work. It takes an in-depth approach handled by professionals that truly understand the healthcare marketplace - experts that can ascertain the elements of success for each position and each candidate. Our track record of executives that stay and make a positive impact is impressive.

Take a closer look at CES Partners.  You’ll see a Healthcare Executive Search Firm that immerses itself in the needs of its clients in order to find exactly the right fit for each position.  You’ll see a Healthcare Consultant that knows that partnership is much deeper than simply doing business together.

CES Partners, Ltd. is a premier retained executive search firm that specializes in serving healthcare provider organizations with tailored, personalized, senior level consulting services. With a national reach throughout the United States, CES Partners serves health systems, hospitals, group medical practices, associations and senior living communities. CES Partners’ main office is located at 1314 Kensington Road, #5195, Oak Brook, IL 60522-5195.